2022 Club Show Fight Of The Year: Sam Gilley vs Drew Brown

Club Boxing Show Fight Of The Year

2022 Winner: Sam Gilley vs Drew Brown

2021 Winner: Paul Kroll vs Mark Dawson Jr.

Sam Gilley vs. Drew Brown –

If you missed this fight go watch. It might not be a technical marvel, but both fighters show heart and gave it all they had, on what was the last, that I believe MTK Global promoted fight ever. Both fighters should hang their head with pride with how they left everything in the ring on that night.

It might be the crowning achievement for both as the fight was wildly entertaining. The fight was so brutal that Brown didn’t fight again in 2022, and Gilley only fought last on November 27th, even though the bout was contested in April. 

Something that deserves acknowledgment. Gilley has a form of a British super welterweight champion after this fight, and is a reputable fighter coming in on the b-side to win and earn a hard-fought victory. 

Honorable Mention

Jonathan Guidry vs. Dacarree “Mac Truck” Scott – A battle of endurance as the veteran Guidry outlasted the young “Mac Truck” Scott in a fight that saw two heavyweights do battle with hopes of a world title ranking on the line from the fight.

Eros Correa vs Saul Sanchez – Eros Correa and Saul Sanchez put forth a hum-dinger on a Thompson Boxing card that should get more acclaim than it will. They both fought their hearts out. 

Marlon Harrington vs. Terry Roscoe – Marlon Harrington recorded one of the best club show knockouts of the year on this card, and it is worthy of mention. Definitely, a fight Harrington should store for the record books, as I believe most fighters want this kind of win on their ledger. 

Chelsey Anderson vs. Aida Satybaldinova – A quality banger of a club show bout that saw the undefeated Anderson become a contender overnight with a win over a formidable opponent.

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Lukie Ketelle

Lukie Ketelle