24 Apr 2020


Bernard Hopkins is a legend, a Hall-of-Famer, and one of the greatest boxers to ever live, let alone one of the five best middleweights ever, if not the best, that being said, his career spans for decades, and is not the easiest one to navigate or contextualize.  Hopkins finished his

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21 Nov 2018

Is Maurice Hooker the new Bernard Hopkins?

It might sound funny at first, like a clickbait title, but think about it? Before Bernard Hopkins was the hall of fame boxer he is now, he was a man burden by boxing politics, having to fight mandatory title after mandatory defenses to stay on television and for lack of

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04 Jun 2015

Could Bernard Hopkins last fight be in London?

Bernard Hopkins recently had an interview with Philly.com in which he stated he would like to end his 27 year career in London, England facing newly crowned IBF super middleweight champion, James DeGale. The plan for the fight would be for it to happen in October and also for HBO to televise

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