06 May 2022

Canelo’s Ten Best Performances Of His Career | Canelo Alvarez Career Highlights

Since Floyd Mayweather left the sport of boxing, no has taken the star spotlight as Canelo Alvarez. Networks have bid over the services of Alvarez, who keeps signing historic contracts for unfathomable riches. Why? Canelo seemingly always delivers. An entertaining fighter, with a star personality, who is more than likely

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02 May 2015

Complete Untelevised Mayweather-Pacquiao Results

  The following are the results of the boxing matches that took place on the untelevised portion of the Mayweather-Pacquiao Undercard   Christopher Pearson UD10 Said El Harrak (98-92, 99-91 x2) Christopher Pearson was tested by game Said El Harrak, who gave him everything he could handle as the two

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