06 Aug 2021

2020 Olympic Boxing Results – Day 14 Gold Medal Matches

Men’s Flyweight Galal Yafai (GBR) defeated Carlo Paalam (PHI) – How do you spell star, well it might be Galal Yafai, as literally dropped Paalam in the first round and his pro-ready pressure style seems like a style that fans will get behind. Yafai is impressive, and his gold medal

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04 Aug 2021

2020 Olympic Boxing Results – Day Eleven Notable Performances

Men’s Light Heavyweight Finals | Arlen López (CUB) defeated Benjamin Whittaker (GBR) – It was a fight for the purists, as Lopez became a two-time, two-weight gold medalist, winning gold in Rio at middleweight. Both fighters looked to counter the counter, and fought a very tactical fight that was similar

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30 Jul 2021

2020 Olympic Boxing Results – Day Seven All In On Imam Khataev

Notable Performances Men’s Welterweight Pat McCormack (GBR) defeated Bobo – McCormack is a very good distance control, but more impressive was his ability to adjust to Bobo-Usmon Baturov’s pressure style, as by mid-way through the first round McCormack had taken control of the fight. The team from Brittan is very

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