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Virgil Hunter says Golovkin’s best friends says GGG won’t fight Andre Ward

In a video posted by Dontae’s Boxing Nation‘s YouTube channel, Andre Ward’s lifelong trainer, Virgil Hunter explained why Gennady Golovkin will never face his fighter, Andre Ward.

“That fight will never happen.” said Virgil Hunter when asked if the fight would happen in the near future.

Hunter then proceeded to pull out his phone and show an image of a person who took a photo with him. Hunter explained that Gennady Golovkin’s best friend took a photo with him earlier that evening and told him that the bout would never happen.

“See this guy right here, he came up to me and said he is Golovkin’s best friend and showed me a picture of him and Golovkin. He said he begged Golovkin to fight [Andre Ward] and Golovkin didn’t want to do it, ‘oh it’s the promoters’. [His best friend] said ‘no, it’s not the promoters, it’s you, why are you showing Andre Ward so much respect! 

Hunter furthered that the statement came from his best friend and that he believes the fight will never happen between Andre Ward versus Gennady Golovkin.


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Lukie Ketelle

Lukie Ketelle