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Deontay Wilder “I smile when they say I am a one-trick pony!”

Deontay Wilder is becoming not just one of the most enjoyable fighters to watch from a viewing spectator standpoint, but now from a soundbite standpoint as well.

Ahead of his pay-per-view clash against lineal heavyweight champion Tyson Fury at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, Ca, Wilder held nothing back on In This Corner hosted by Brian Campbell.

“Tyson Fury is not strong, he throws pillow punches…he ain’t no knockout artist, he is [just] trying to beat you on points.” said Wilder.

Wilder earlier before my transcription pen was out explained that his mindset makes him better than any other heavyweight, explaining that he is someone who shows up on game night. Wilder also brought up technical nuisances that he feels makes Fury, not as dangerous as everyone expects, for example; Wilder stated that Fury has his elbow out when he jabs meaning he doesn’t just flick it, and to Wilder’s perception that means Fury isn’t trying to move forward with it

“[Fury] has never been in an exciting fight, the only exciting fight he has been in was when he got dropped by [Steve] Cunningham and that’s it! – But ME! ME! My career has been based off dramatic knockouts [SIC]”

Wilder furthered that he feels Fury is frustrated since mentally Fury has not landed a single salvo prior to the bout.

“You’re not going to be able to get in my head, I am not [Wladimir] Klitschko…and when I saw facial expression after I said that, changed a little bit….but that is exactly what he is trying to do.” said Wilder.

Wilder explained that he is one of the fighters that is mentally stronger than the rest in the sport of boxing as he credits meditation and thinking through a fight prior to his success.

Wilder’s career up until this point has been entertaining, but let’s give you quick recap in case you don’t know a lot about the WBC heavyweight champion, Wilder. Wilder was 2008 U.S. Olympic super heavyweight bronze medalist. Wilder proceeded to fight professionally against non-noteworthy foes until he defeated Bermane Stiverne in 2015 to win his WBC heavyweight title, the only fight Wilder won that went to decision. Wilder would spend the next few years looking for a great fight, but politics, as well as his tremendous punching power, kept him from getting those bouts.

This year though Wilder has a chance to be fighter of the year as he defeated the heavyweight boogeyman Luis Ortiz by knockout. Wilder will finish his year off facing the best heavyweight not named Anthony Joshua, which is saying something.

Oh, and let’s talk about Anthony Joshua. Joshua and Wilder is the fight everyone wants to see, but as of now we don’t see it happening, and Joshua will not attend this bout as well, which shows how close it is to coming to fruition. This is the storyline on the backburner as Joshua is the biggest star of the heavyweight division.

Wilder though explained that he is focused on this bout and that he will surprise Fury.

“I am faster than what these guys think!” said Wilder

“I smile when other trainers say I am a one-trick pony.” as he furthered.

Wilder candidly expressed he is beatable, but the one who would have a chance to beat him, would be someone that didn’t just view him as a power puncher. Wilder explained that once you get in there with him, it isn’t like fighting the fighter, you see on television.

Wilder concluded with a simple statement.

“[Fury] is very nervous.”

WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder will face Tyson Fury on Showtime pay-per-view on December 1st at The Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA.

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Lukie Ketelle

Lukie Ketelle