The Cost of Loyalty: The Golovkin-Abel Sanchez split

Loyalty comes at a cost and yesterday, April 24th, Abel Sanchez found out the hard way as his most decorated fighter since Terry Norris, Gennady Golovkin, informed him, he will no longer be trained by the famed trainer.

We can get into the quotes from both sides, but the truth is; it is sad.

Whether you like Golovkin or not, or if you like Abel or not, they were a dynamic duo in the sport of boxing. They became an iconic pair, and after Golovkin signed a contracted being reported in the neighborhood of $100 million dollars, it feels a little souring that Sanchez, who worked with Golovkin, when he first came to the United States, will not be a part of this final part of his career.

The keen observers have pointed to Abel Sanchez’s reactions after the rematch with Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin, potentially causing a rift between the two. Others, just point to greed, and others point to a strictly “X’s” and “O’s” something need to change approach from Team Golovkin

Sanchez is not the most technical coach, but he runs a rigorous camp, it is secluded and isolated, and the fighters become tight-knit. Sanchez has had success at the highest levels imposing a fan-friendly style of all action, that some have criticized for leaving the fighters to get hit too much, which is true, but it is Sanchez approach to the sport.

Golovkin, a beloved fighter in the sport boxing to a degree, is having a humilating year to say the least. Golovkin held out for months in contract negoations finally signing with DAZN, and now is fighting an undefeated fringe contender, Steve Rolls, in his comeback fight in six or so weeks without an official head coach.

The hard part for me is a lot of the marketing (to me) of Golovkin came from Sanchez and Tom Loeffler, and though Golovkin did win the fights, it is sad to see the money seemingly change things.

The lesson from all of this is simple. Despite being successful, the pride of both seemed hurt at some point, and now it appears to be beyond repair.

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Lukie Ketelle

Lukie Ketelle