Lukie’s Middleweight Boxing Rankings And Why Golovkin Is #1

01. Gennadiy Golovkin

Simply the best. You can not like something about him or whatever, but facts are facts, and Golovkin was the guy at middleweight for a long period of time. A historic puncher, who brought the L.A. fight fans out to see him when he fought. Golovkin brought back strong vibes of Kosta Tszyu and even Mike Tyson in his prime as you knew the fight was probably not going the distance. Even at 40-years-old, Golovkin is still the man in the division.

Next Fight: TBA

02. Jermall Charlo

The next guy up, Jermall Charlo, fights like Wladimir Klitschko behind a jab and with a ton of power. Both Charlo brothers can fight as we saw his twin brother, Jermell become undisputed, but now it is Jermall’s time to make inroads in the division. The issue has been the marquee fighters of his division, Golovkin and Canelo haven’t been keen on facing him as of yet. Time will come, he will get a big fight and return the favor to the next generation in making them wait for too long as well.

Next Fight: Maciej Sulecki, June 18th, Showtime.

03. Carlos Adames

With a new team and coach, Ismael Salas to be exact, Adames now has the biggest win of his career against Sergiy Derevyanchenko, a man many felt beat Gennady Golovkin not too long. Adames is a strong puncher, who at times has cardio issues, but has world class power. It doesn’t feel like Adames will ever be “the guy”, but a emerging fighter will have to beat him to become a legend.

Next Fight: TBA

04. Sergiy Derevyanchenko

Derevyanchenko has had quite the career. Fighting in multiple marquee bouts against Golovkin, Charlo and Daniel Jacobs, Derevyanchneko is a solid boxer with good power, who seemingly was robbed of his career defining win against Gennady Golovkin. That being said, he took Adames to a majority decision, losing a close fight. Only the best guys beat Derevyanchenko, even if he is a bit past-prime now.

Next Fight: TBA

05. Zhanibek Alimkhanuly 

This is the next guy at middleweight. The Egis Klimas managed middleweight should make a huge statement this Saturday to win his first title against Danny Dignum, as Alimkhanuly is a big puncher, with a lot of movement and pedigree. This is someone who I can see getting the #3 spot, very quickly, but his resume doesn’t quite merit it.

Next Fight: This Saturday, May 23rd, ESPN against Danny Dignum for the vacant WBO middleweight world title

06. Jaime Munguia

Roughly six-years ago, Munguia was one of the most exciting new faces of boxing. Now Munguia has been moved back to seemingly a prospect at this point as despite being a former world champion at 154 lbs, Munguia isn’t really showing a huge interest in taking on the top guys of the division. Munguia is one of the bigger stars of the division, and his coach, boxing legend, Erik Morales will help with that as well, but Munguia has to compete for a world title soon to move up.

Next Fight: Announced this week.

07. Ryota Murata

Ryota Murata is a Olympic gold medalist and two-time middleweight world champion. An extremely big puncher, who took his power to the highest of heights that he could go. Murata is at the end of his career, but has always been a respectable world-class fighter for the whole time.

Next Fight: TBA

08. Esquiva Falcao

A great amateur, who has been built up by the Top Rank Inc. developmental system and now is ready to move into the world title picture. Falcao is a solid fighter, the new question is, will he be an entertainer to fight fans, as up until this point, that has been a major issue. Falcao is the dark horse of the division, and someone who could emerge as one of the best – that we’re overlooking.

Next Fight: TBA

09. Chris Eubank Jr.

The talent doesn’t always seem to be there, but Eubank Jr makes for a fun fight week, as well as, is one of the more entertaining styles in the divisions. It is yet to be seen if he can make a move up in the rankings, but his contribution to the sport has been well beyond just being the son of a British boxing legend, Chris Eubank.

Next Fight: TBA

10. Meiirim Nursultanov

An undefeated middleweight who has wins over most of the top fighters in the amateurs of his era. Nursultanov is a guy to keep an eye on. Yet, another Egis Klimas managed Kazakhstan fighter in this division, who looks to give most of the division a lot of problems.

Next Fight: TBA

Spoilers of the division: Vaughn Alexander, Maciej Sulecki and Jimmy Kelly

Vaughn Alexander, Devon Alexander’s brother, who saw the prime of his career go away due to him being incarcerated, has been a road warrior, recently defeating Luis Arias on a fight that should’ve been televised. Alexander is the guy a protected prospect will avoid since he has no plans on showing up for a check.

Next Fight: TBA

Maciej Sulecki is a solid fighter, who keeps his place in the division, a tough, durable volume puncher leaves no doubt he is a world-class fighter, but has had issue against the elite of the division such as Daniel Jacobs. Sulecki is a game spoiler, but also someone who hasn’t shown us yet that he can emerge as a guy at the next level of the division.

Next Fight: Maciej Sulecki, June 18th, Showtime.

Jimmy Kelly recently fought Kanat Islam on ProBoxTV card, one in which he schooled the power-puncher. Kelly is a slick boxer, who spent most of career fighting more than likely above his weight. Kelly is the type of guy deserving of a world-class television fight with such a big win over a notable fighter.

Next Fight: TBA

Guys to watch for: Austin Williams, and Lorenzo Simpson

Austin “Ammo” Williams took time off for his mental health, but his fast-paced all-offense, we will figure out defense in a minute is giving him a slew of wins, in his undefeated career. In his last bout he stopped undefeated Chordale Booker in the first round. A very big win, and enters the title picture after taking a break from the sport. The division is fairly open, and it would be good for the sport if Williams could bring some new life into this division with a lot of guys in their 30’s.

Next Fight: TBA.

Lorenzo “Truck” Simpson is as talented as anyone in the division, but over the past few years, we just haven’t seen him on television. Simpson is a solid puncher, with great fundamentals. It is honestly shocking, how under the radar Simpson is currently.

Next Fight: TBA

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