The local non-profit, the Feet First Foundation, has launched a store for those to support their cause as well as sport their gear, which is

Feet First’s latest boxing fundraiser which happened this year.

For those unaware, here is a bit about the Feet First Foundation, here is information from their website

Founders, Sean Sharkey, Daniel Dorsett, of Feet First Foundation identified how trauma can be healed using the theory of textbook boxing, and teamed up soon after with Brandon Kregel to create a 501c3 non-profit program as an alternative therapy solution to cope with depression, anxiety, aggression, impulsivity, and anger. The team met with long time trainer of the Fightkore kids program, Dr. Jaromy Bell, and set out to improve the attitudes, behavior, and overall feeling about life in the Martinez, CA community using boxing as a starting point (Feet First). With the help of close friend and member of Fightkore gym, Steve Peterson, Feet First began extending the program to other children, beginning partnerships with Martinez Unified School District and Mt. Diablo Unified School District. After a few years of research using qualitative and quantitative measures, the science of boxing is proving to be an alternative therapy for individuals with trauma to prevent youth violence in schools. There is consistency among the top researchers and psychologists that combining recurring physical activity with a mental/emotional component leads to overcoming trauma.

The longer the trauma continues or goes unaddressed, the more extreme of a program is needed to minimize its effects. Studies on neurobiology of PTSD, found that traumatic stress affects the hippocampus, amygdale and prefrontal cortex of the brain. These are areas of the brain responsible for emotions, memory and complex cognitive behavior, decision making and social behavior. When these areas of the brain are not functioning properly, then it becomes difficult for the traumatized person to control their emotions and impulses and they will have difficulty relating to others in socially acceptable ways. This leads to various types of youth violence including, but not limited to, bullying, substance abuse, suicide, and harming others.

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You can visit their merch store right here at

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Lukie Ketelle

Lukie Ketelle