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Nothing Much To Learn From Errol Spence’s Interview – An Honest Take

Errol Spence Jr. spoke Saturday night on the Fox telecast with Brian Kenny, his first-time publicly since his car accident earlier this year, in which, many wondered if he’d return the ring. Prior to his life-threatening car crash, Spence had a career year with two wins over Mikey Garcia and Shawn Porter, both on pay-per-view.

Fox Interview

The interview which basically just showed that Spence is okay, and wants to fight next summer, has been overanalyzed to death, so I will try to be concise, and just say what I saw.

First, Spence is alive and well. Despite this being a non-issue to some, reports had ranged from how bad his accident was, and what lingering injuries persisted. Spence had small abrasions on his face, but besides those lingering cuts, Spence appears to have gotten out of the accident without that much damage.

Secondly, Spence has an open-case against him over the accident, meaning anything he says can and will be used against him. An apology is an admission of guilt, so any answers around the car crash itself were non-existent since Spence can’t answer these questions or else he would be acting out of good faith to his own legal counsel.

Finally, Brian Kenny gonna Brian Kenny, as Spence was asked a lot of the same questions over and over, in a probing manner, which seemingly became as much a part of the story, as Spence’s interview. I don’t believe in agendas and certainly, FOX has too much invested in Errol Spence for this to be some plan, instead, it appeared to be yet another example of Brian Kenny going rogue in interviews. At Kenny’s best, he can capture a moment well, at his worst, he resembles an accusatory cop with snide remarks to boot. Essentially, embodying everything about the status quo that most don’t like.

On this occasion, Kenny felt to be much of the later than brilliance.

In such a benign interview, that would be quoted all throughout the week, the takeaway was more about the interviewer and not the interviewee, which is never good.

As for Spence, it is clear his legal situation needs to be sorted out before he gets booked for a fight date, but Spence stated that Manny Pacquiao and Danny Garcia are on the top of his list of people to fight.

The big takeaway from this five-minute interview was that Errol Spence is a star, as well as anything he says over the next year will be dissected to death. Opinions ranging from his speech pattern, his face looking puffy and other rumors have been debated, as the internets will often see, but none of them have proved to be without a shadow of a doubt, fact-based.

Instead, all we know is Errol Spence is alive and well, facing a legal matter and sometime next will more than likely box again.

The real tragedy is; why are people seemingly getting rewarded for doing the wrong things? As a bad decision by Spence seemingly has made him more famous than ever.

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Lukie Ketelle

Lukie Ketelle