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Help Pat Barry’s ‘Barry’s Boxing Gym’ in Las Vegas During Pandemic

To help the gym follow this go this Facebook page listed below

Barry’s Boxing could use a little help from those who are willing and able to support since COVID-19 is hurting all businesses around the world, but especially those who are non-profits, and not geared around solely a profit margin. Sadly, being a nice person doesn’t buy you a plane ticket and it surely doesn’t pay off a mortgage or rent for a facility, and with Barry’s Boxing being closed due to the inconsiderate virus, COVID-19, that we all wish could just get knocked out already, they’re looking for fights fans and members of the community to support their gym which has helped thousands of young people over the years. 

“It is a pleasure working with them, and a lot of people say ‘you do so much for the kid’, but the matter is we got so much out of it from working with the kids, it just a passion and something I love to do,” said Barry on a Sunday afternoon on the phone.

For those who are unaware of Coach Pat Barry, he was a professional boxer himself fighting out of New York City, going by the moniker “Irish”, which also describes his bloodline. After a stint as a professional boxer, he moved to Las Vegas, Nevada and became a police officer, and eventually became a detective. Meanwhile, he started a gym with his wife Dawn, a metro officer as well, that has seen the likes of Jessie Magdaleno, Diego Magdaleno, ‘Bones’ Adams train their as well as legends like Floyd Mayweather Jr., Mike Tyson, and “Sugar” Shane Mosley come through over the years and workout side-by-side with young fighters. 

“Mike Tyson has been in here and worked out a couple of times, ” said Barry reflectively. “It awes me, I have been in boxing for, gosh, I hate to say how long, but it has been over 50 years now, I still get awed by some of these guys, but you see a great boxer it takes it to another level”.

As mentioned in the beginning, Barry’s Boxing is a non-profit, and it is for the kids, and despite having world-class fighters train there and come through there, the emphasis is more so on the young people come into the gym having a safe space to be as well as developing discipline and some boxing fundamentals on top of that. Despite everyone who loves boxing for the highest level of competition, just having gyms with good people looking after fighters safely and teaching valuable life lessons is as important if not more so than our beloved sport itself.

Please go to the Facebook page below if you have extra money to help the gym

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Lukie Ketelle

Lukie Ketelle