Stockton’s Giovannie Gonzalez Faces Undefeated Fighter Tonight On YouTube

Giovannie Gonzalez of Stockton, Ca is a fighter, who might not be a household name, but is the type of fighter, that everyone loves in the sport.

Agrressive, tough, heart, valor, these are words you can use to describe Gonzalez, who has fought between 130 to 140 lbs, in the past four years.

Gonzalez, a ten-win and four-loss fighter, has only lost to the best and since working with “Chino” Arroyo as his coach has shown improvement in his training as well, as most scored Gonzalez’s split decision loss to Ricardo Valdovinos for Gonzalez.

Recently, Gonzalez signed with start-up boxing promotion Toscano Boxing Promotions based out of the Stockton/Manteca-area, which is given a great platform to Manuel Jaimes, Jose Iniguez, Wade Jones and more. 

On Friday, today, Gonzalez is moving towards contention or should I say spoiler position as he looks to defeat the undefeated Ivan Pinto, an undefeated four win fighter, who has upset to undefeated fighters so far in his early career

“Pinto is a good fighter, he has beaten two prospects in his first four fights and this is the type of fight I need to win, to get a chance a really big fight.“ said Gonzalez over the phone in-between workouts. “I know that I am ready for this opportunity and the fact that it is on YouTube, so everyone can see it, makes it that much more special since the fight is a closed door event. I know everyone back home will be watching.”

Yet Gonzalez was one of the first fighter to feel the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic that is ongoing, as his fight was canceled the week of his fight after investing time and money into a lengthy camp.

“It was hard, you put all that time and money into a training camp, and for them to cancel it, literally a week before fight-time when we’re already making weight. It’s tough.”

Gonzalez is a blue-collar fighter, and his fights help fund his lifestyle and provide a solid income for his fiscal year, so the cancelation of a bout, put not just his professional career on pause, but his immediate future as well. For fighters like Gonzalez, they need a slew of wins to get to a chance against a young fighter, if they win that fight, they can pontentially be looking at 2-4 years of solid income from fighting. 

Gonzalez who is in Tijuanana, Mexico, for a bout his bout tonight, Friday, which will be aired on FightHub TV on Friday, June 26th, has made weight and is ready for action.

On top of Giovannie Gonzalez’s bout, blue-chip Toscano boxing featherweight Manuel Jaimes will face undefeated Lorenzo Antonio Juarez, who missed weight by one pound yesterday (couldn’t find information if he made it after official weigh-in), Wade Jones of Team Nasty Boxing in Stockton, Ca will face Hector Alejandro Hernandez, and Stockton, California’s own Marco Arroyo III will face Juan Gomez Torres. 

The card starts tonight at 6 PM

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Lukie Ketelle

Lukie Ketelle