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Charles Conwell Headlines ShoBox Tonight, Looks To Make a Statement at 154 lbs Division

“I never really knew what fatherhood would do to me or motivate me before I became a father,” said Charles Conwell via a Zoom call discussing his fight tonight, October 7th, on Showtime as part of ShoBox: The Next Generation, when Conwell takes on Star Boxing’s Wendy Toussaint.

Conwell became a father this year and now says he is living for not just himself, but for his child and to give them the best life possible.

“I check-in on my daughter every day,” said Conwell when asked about his first training camp as a father, as Conwell lives two hours away from his family in Toledo, Ohio, for each and every camp.

Conwell, a 2016 Olympian, has been the forgotten guy in the weight class, let alone that Olympic year, as he just simply hasn’t gotten the “sexy-name opponent” that has elevated him to the next level, whereas fighters who turned pro prior to him, such as Erickson Lubin, are household names, based on being in marquee bouts. That being said, Conwell has waited quietly, looking for the perfect time to emerge in the division. Conwell is the main event tonight, and eager to take full advantage of headlining a ShoBox card as Conwell views this as a time to shine.

“I think I need a couple more fights, a couple more good wins under my belt against some formidable opponents, and looking good doing it, and I’ll be considered a top-10 type of contender. I think I need two more fights,” said Conwell, eager to make a statement. “It is up to me to have good performances and get the fans talking after I win on Wednesday night.”

Beyond the fact, that he hasn’t fought a top-15 foe yet, Conwell, in my opinion, is the best fighter in the division, with a caveat that he has to live up to these words and prove that he is, rather than feeling anointed and entitled by my rhetoric.

So what makes Conwell so good, you might ask?

Conwell is a fighter you don’t see often anymore, in the ilk of Rocky Marciano and Marvin Hagler. Conwell fights you, and despite a good skillset, it is his will that is unmatched, and when he punches, Conwell’s punches are thrown with conviction and authority.

To beat Conwell, you would still feel the fight and wear the wounds of war, and that is what makes him special that nothing about him is soft, and that his tenacity effects other fighters. On top of that, based on his skill set, he is ideal to have a “Fight of the Year” when paired with the right boxer with a contrasting style.

“I’ve always been an aggressive fighter. Being a shorter guy, you fight taller guys and you always have to be more aggressive. As I get in there and work with my coaches, I’ve developed different skills – different punches, different defensive moves, different angles, different tricks on the inside – so I’ve always been aggressive and willing to fight on the inside.”

Conwell, who prior to the pandemic was looking to make his headlining debut on ShoBox: The Next Generation, looking to build-up the ranks like another DiBella Entertainment fighter, Regis Prograis, saw his fight get postponed, only to have the fight moved to October 9th with a new opponent, “The Haitian Fire” Wendy Toussaint, an undefeated fighter, with a promoter all of his own, Star Boxing.

The Conwell team, which is Soul City Boxing Gym in Toledo, Ohio, ran by Otha Jones II and his son Roshawn Jones, has made it clear in the lead-up to the bout, the goal is to stop Toussaint. Conwell even hinted at showing new elements of his game in an exclusive interview with us last week.

Another aspect to the fight is Conwell’s brother, Isaiah Steen a/k/a “Z-Wop”, was set to be the co-main event, but Kalvin Henderson was unable to fight on this card, but that being said the two brothers sparred each other to prep for this fight. So despite, everything is shut down, the two brothers trained side-by-side and sparred each other in preparation for what would’ve been the biggest fight of both of their careers. Knowing Conwell, I feel he will feel an extra motivation to not just perform, but also to dazzle to show his brother all the hard work they put in was worth it.

A lot is at-stake for Conwell headlining his first card, but for the 2016 Olympian, a lot has always been on the line, and he has met the bar each-and-every time.

Conwell faces Toussaint, tonight, October 9th as Conwell weighed-in yesterday at 154 lbs and Toussaint at 153 lbs. The bout is televised by Showtime and starts at 6 PM PST.

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Lukie Ketelle

Lukie Ketelle