25 Jan 2021

Brisbane, CA’s Charlie Sheehy Makes USA Boxing’s Olympic Qualification Team

It was announced this morning via a press release that USA Boxing had removed Keyshawn Davis (Alexandria, Va.) from USA Boxing’s Olympic Qualification Team due to the violation of the USA Boxing Athlete Selection Procedures resulting in him being disqualified from participating in the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, which as of now

18 Jan 2021

Notes From The Soul City Boxing Women’s Sparring Camp

We are a year removed from amateur boxing competition in the United States, and for women’s boxers, the amateur boxing scene is often the lifeblood of the sport. Enter, Otha Jones II, the co-founder of Soul City Boxing Gym, in Toledo, Ohio, a gym committed to helping at-risk youth, as

17 Jan 2021

What People Need To Know About Online Streaming and Privacy of Boxing and MMA in 2021

As many may or may not know, in the second wave of the COVID-19 relief bill package, we now have new streaming regulations that were passed. To start this conversation, let’s set a basic and somewhat dull, explanation of laws and regulations that are created in government. In theory, laws

08 Jan 2021

Amateur Boxer To Watch: Sierra Martinez

As you may know by now, Sierra Martinez is good at boxing. The 2020 USA Boxing Women’s Boxer of the Year – Sierra Martinez, has been making some noise as of late, and 2021 is starting off at a sprinter’s pace, already for the emerging fighter. Recently, the world-level amateur

08 Jan 2021

The 21 Boxers To Watch In 2021

This is not a list of the 21 best fighters in the world, this is a list of the 21 emerging fighters and stars of the sport you should be aware of, who will emerge and go on to have great fights, and if you want to periodically check-in-and-out of

03 Jan 2021

On Ryan Garcia’s Past, His Present Love Triangle, and His Future

Two and a half years ago, Ryan Garcia fought a grueling 10 round fight against the grizzled Jayson Velez who physically punked him around for much of the fight. Back then, “The Flash” as he was then known, had a comparatively measly 800,000 followers on Instagram. But even then, it