Best Unsigned Fighter Quinton Randall Returns on Triller, April 17th

While most might be looking at the main event on April 17th with, entertainer-turned-boxer Jake Paul, who has taken boxing by storm facing, former 2-organizational MMA world champion and U.S. Olympian Ben Askren in a boxing match or even the co-feature of former world champion Steve Cunningham vs former UFC heavyweight world champion Frank Mir, the card has now added depth for hardcore fight-fans, as Triller’s second pay-per-view looks to be an exciting affair.

Enter Quinton Randall. A Houston, Texas-based fighter, who has given the sport his all. Though he got a late start, Randall along with his coach Derek Collinsworth, and 2nd assist Kay Koroma, have forged a path that has been successful thus far. Randall is a pure talent, a boxer, with good power, but most deceptive is, if you don’t know what you are watching it is easy to look past what he is doing. Randall is the kind of fighter they write books about and make critically acclaimed movies around.

Randall, the captain of the USA Boxing international team in 2018, and turned pro that same year, fighting mostly in the Houston, Texas area.

Recently, he joined forces with Peter Kahn, one of the most well-respected people in boxing. Kahn has since helped Randall get on some marquee bouts such as his last fight against undefeated Jan Carlos Rivera, who trained with “Bozy” Ennis, and had Jaron “Boots” Ennis in his corner as well, which was featured on ESPN+, on the undercard of a Top Rank show. The win was a major milestone as both fighters were undefeated, and came to win.

Randall is the classic talented guy, who a big win, can help guys avoid him, just as much as move his career forward. – Yet the advent of Triller Fight Club gives new life to Randall, as the fresh platform combining entertainment, celebs and a lot of public interest, brings a lot of eyes to Randall that may not have been there prior.

Randall, who was added to the undercard along with Lorenzo “Truck” Simpson, and Junior Younan, will join Regis Prograis who will face Ivan Redkach, as those from the boxing world competing on this card.

Triller has been the story of 2021 for me since they’re reshaping what boxing is. It is clear boxing still has a cool factor when done right, but it is also clear fans are tired of seeing the same ol’ same. Let me rant.

Boxing is competing against major sports that have forms of competition in which the best fight the best, via a bracket system. Boxing doesn’t have it, and often we know the outcome of fights before they happen. Boxing is more so entertainment than it is a sport, but what is so compelling about Triller is they have embraced the entertainment aspects of boxing, without going overboard.

Those of us who love boxing view it as a full-time job, whether it is following the fighter’s career to fight night, it is a sport based around obsession.

So far, every fight Triller has put forth, so far two, Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr., and this upcoming one, Jake Paul vs Ben Askren – is compelling. It taps into something that says “okay – that is ridiculous, but I want to watch, because I don’t know what will happen.”

It is new, and boxing has been old for so long.

The only thing I will watch for on this platform and other platforms, will be the investment in emerging talent, like Quinton Randall, whom I wrote last year was the best unsigned fighter in boxing, as we could either see one of two things, a bigger onus put on the fighter to promote themselves like the music industry did, or emerging fighters getting a chance to showcase their talents to the world.

For me, as a fan, I get excited seeing the Houston welterweight getting a chance on the biggest fight card of the calendar, as it is a fight date, but a meaningful fight date. Randall is a really good fighter, but boxing isn’t always fair, often really good fighters get fights that don’t impact culture much, and largely get ignored. Randall will have a fight in which he will get professional photos, press conferences, and many other things, that has only had one or two times prior, if that.

For more information on this Paul vs. Askren on April 17th, live from the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, in Atlanta, Georgia you can click this link

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Lukie Ketelle

Lukie Ketelle