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2020 Olympic Boxing Results and Notable Fighters – Day 6 Results, U.S. 1-2 Tonight

Notable Performances

Men’s Middleweight

Oleksandr Khyzhniak (UKR) defeated Yuito Moriwaki (JPN) – Khyzhniak will be labeled a good amateur boxer with the assumption he is a backfoot fighter by boxing writers. Though Khyzhniak is a fantastic amateur boxer, it is based on volume and power and not nearly as much as defense. Khyzhniak reminds many people of Ievgen Khytrov, and that is a pretty fair statement. All action, lots of fun, could be in some amazing fights as a pro.

Euri Cedeño (DOM) defeated Francisco Verón (ARG)- Cedeno is a gem of the tournament, as he fights a lot like a previous great Olympian, Erislandy Lara, but his third round was dreadful, as he seemingly coasted and got hit with big shots which was troubling to see. Cedeno can’t have mental lapses against Khyzhniak who is flawed but has a high volume output. Cedeno should be a good pro.

Arman Darchinyan (ARM) defeated Andrej Csemez (SVK) – Darchinyan is an aggressive and tough fighter, who has good skill, but has an even bigger will. Darchinyan gave Csemez a standing-eight in round three, but I am not sure we will see him in the medal rounds.

Eumir Marcial (PHI) Younes Nemouchi (ALG) – A big puncher who dropped and stopped Nemouchi in the first round. Marcial sat Nemouchi on his wallet, then a clash of heads opened up a cut, and a good punch from Marcial made the cut too much for Nemouchi to continue with. Marcial is a big puncher from a country that loves boxing, in a weight class promoters are always looking for fighters from. Marcial will medal, and will be a formidable pro, as he has a more pro-style.

Hebert Conceição (BRA) defeated Tuohetaerbieke Tanglatihan (CHN) – I favored Tanglatihan, who fought a bit like more technical Saul “Neno” Rodriguez throwing a lot of right hands followed by knockout-punch worthy left hooks. Conciecao is solid, but not super noteworthy, able to win fights, but not maybe the most spectacular.

Gleb Bakshi (ROC) defeated Troy Isley (USA) – Bakshi was my favorite to get gold before the tournament, and though he might not win gold he seems a lock to medal, and Isley has the misfortune of him being in his brcket before the medal rounds. Isley fought a great fight with a very good first round, but the southpaw Bakshi, had too much experience and volume, and won the fight late. Bakshi is a big puncher, who is not physically gifted with quickness, but very strong and thinks in the ring as well.

Men’s Super Heavyweight

Bakhodir Jalolov (UZB) defeated Mahammad Abdullayev (AZE) – The second Olympic Games for Jalolov might be his event, as Joe Joyce beat him in Rio 2016. Jalolov is a big man 6’7″, but not without flaws as he pulls back often, but he has a lot of power, is a southpaw, and is awkward – as Jalolov handed out one standing-eight count to his opponent in the second round. Jalolov looks mortal but is solid. I really have no clue what to make of him after one Olympic fight. Jalolov when he lands clean has game-changing power, but his switching between styles makes him a hard puzzle not just to solve in the ring, but to assess.  That being said, Jalolov won’t have any competition until the medal rounds.

Frazer Clarke (GBR) defeated Tsotne Rogava (UKR) – Clarke may or may not medal, but his story is tremendous. Making the Olympic Games after two failed attempts, at nearly 30-years of age. Clarke is a big guy, who pushes forward, not a fleet of foot, but a good body puncher. Clarke feels like a likable boxer who can connect with U.K. fans as a professional. Clarke has good hand speed and personality.

Mourad Aliev (FRA) defeated Siyovush Zukhurov (TJK) – In terms of being pro-ready, I feel the safest putting my money on Aliev. Might not always be all-action, but has all the traits you want to see from a fighter on the verge of going pro. The only thing I don’t love about Aliev is that he is a little too upright like a lot of European fighters. Aliev was far better than his opponent and didn’t show much of his game in the first round.

Richard Torrez Jr. (USA) defeated Chouaib Bouloudinat (ALG) – Torrez Jr. dropped Bouloudinat in the first round, and made an impressive Olympic debut, as Torrez Jr. is one of the most exciting Olympians to watch in this Olympic Games, from any country. A bit undersized, Torrez Jr. makes up for it with aggression and looking to land big punches. Torrez Jr. will face his biggest threat until the medal rounds next as he faces 21-year-old Cuban boxer, Dainier Pero. The two fought in Peru, two years ago, in a fight Torrez won.

Dainier Pero (CUB) defeated Cristian Salcedo (COL) – Pero is a backfoot boxer, with a good sense of range, as the Cuban will be the delight of many promoters, if he leaves Cuba since heavyweight is a top heavy division in terms of talent, and Pero has enough skills to find himself at the top half of the division over the next decade. Pero has good footwork, and a wild at times, left hand from the southpaw stance.

Women’s Flyweight

Buse Naz Çakıroğlu (TUR) defeated Tursunoy Rakhimova (KAZ) – Naz Çakıroğlu was very classy in the win, but her style is strictly physical and pressure, but not the most fun to watch. Punch-grab-clinch is a pattern that occurs, time and time again. Rakhimova may very well have landed the cleaner punches in the bout, but they rewarded the busier fighter who came forward. Rakhimova also appeared to be not as strong physically as she got bullied around the ring.

Jutamas Jitpong (THA) defeated Irish Magno (PHI) – Jitpong showed strength, skills, speed and volume, and looks on track to potentially medal, as Jitpong, a professional boxer, put her pro career on hold to compete at the Olympics. Jitpong fought a very well-rounded fight that was impressive, and a statement. Jitpong never let Magno get into punching range, in the fight.

Nina Radovanović (SRB) defeated Ornella Havyarimana (BDI) – Radovanovic is strong, and powerful as she overwhelmed the first-ever women’s boxer from Burundi, Havyarimana. Radovanovic is a tank, and a power-house, who just gives her opponents no space if she fights the fight she wants to fight.

Huang Hsiao-wen (TPE) defeated Giordana Sorrentino (ITA) – Hsiao-wen is really tall and long, looking like Inspector Gadge, the popular 90’s children’s cartoon charchter, with her frame that almost doesn’t seem fair to be in the flyweight division. Hsiao-wen has some flawed distance control, but her size will give people fights. I want to see how she does with a pure pressure fighter. Hsiao-wen is 5’9″, which is huge in this division.

Ingrit Valencia (COL) defeated Mary Kom (IND) – The fight of the morning session saw Valencia more than likely become a medal favorite as she narrowly beat Mary Kom in an Olympic classic, as the two traded blows threw more punches then I could count in close quarters. Valencia beat an amateur boxing legend, and now

Tsukimi Namiki (JPN) defeated Graziele Jesus (BRA) – Namiki holds a win over Hsiao-wen, and is a great boxer, and did just that against Jesus. Staying on the outside and picking her shots. The talent is there, but the being sandwich between an all-time classic of Valencia v. Kom, and Ginny Fuchs bout didn’t help her standout. Namiki has all the tools to be a medalist, and will be a world champion in the pros.

Stoyka Krasteva (BUL) defeated Virginia Fuchs (USA) – A real shocker. Ginny Fuchs has been one of my favorites from the 2020 Olympic class, and along with Rahim Gonzales, and Bruce Carrington, fought such a dominate Olympic Trials in 2019. Krasteva got an early edge in the first round with a grapple-heavy approach that appeared to frustrate Fuchs. Krasteva built upon that to edge the fight. I am not sure we ever see Fuchs as a pro boxer, so I am not sure what is next for her.

Chang Yuan (CHN) defeated Charley Davison (GBR) – Yuan is built to do well in amateur boxing with a long frame, and now with Fuchs out, the woman who had beaten her in international competition along with Sandra Drabik (POL), Yuan probably likes her chances. Yuan is a pure boxer, fighters with overt aggression will give her issues, but when left to stay on the outside she will take her opponent for a walk all-night long.


Men’s Middleweight

Abilkhan Amankul (KAZ) defeated Fanat Kakhramonov (UZB)

Darrelle Valsaint (HAI) defeated David Tshama (COD)

Men’s Super Heavyweight

Satish Kumar (IND) defeated Ricardo Brown (JAM)

Ivan Veriasov (ROC) defeated Maxime Yegnong (CMR)

Kamshybek Kunkabayev (KAZ)

Women’s Flyweight

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