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What To Know About Lauren Price – Women’s Middleweight Gold Medalist Boxing

“Come on!” Those are the word you hear often from Lauren Price as she dominated the women’s middleweight division en route to gold at Tokyo 2020.

The decorated football (soccer) player and world champion kickboxer has earned yet another medal, as Price seems to be destined for big things in the sport of boxing.

Her first bout was a sheer trouncing of Mönkhbatyn Myagmarjargal of Mongolia, as Price was just far too talented and displayed her bounce in her boxing movement that became a staple of watching Lauren Price fight. Price moved like a kangaroo, and had sharp crisp punches that darted in-and-out.

The co-main event was more of the same as Atheyna Bylon, had nothing for Price who looked like she was going to waltz her way to a gold medal. Price was just too talented, too quick, and too strong for Bylon, who looked befuddled.

Price’s only competitive bout was against Nouchka Fontijn, in a hum-dinger of a bout. Nouchka Fontijn took an early first round lead, and Price was docked a point for holding, yet Price won a narrow points decision which some found controversial. Fontijn’s no-nonsense pressure was threw off Lauren Price, as it is no surprise that Price and Fontijn were 2-2 in bouts against each other with Price getting a narrow victory. I am not sure what the future holds for either, but I hope to see this rivalry continue

In the gold medal match, Li Qian was never really in the bout as Price was too fast and moved around too much to be effective, as Price took all the drama out of the bout early. Price’s lone Olympic scare was quickly forgotten after her one-sided gold medal victory.

Price is the goods.

Fun facts, Price’s close family compare her to the Winnie The Pooh charchter Tigger. She is incredibly close with her grandparents who heavily shaped her life experience, and at one time even was a taxi driver as trained in the sport. Her grandfather Derek passed away last year, and she kept a card by her side each-and-every night in Tokyo that he wrote for her. To me, Price has the chance to be the Ronda Rousey of women’s boixng if the cards fall right.

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Lukie Ketelle

Lukie Ketelle