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Cain Sandoval Turns Pro In Costa Mesa On Thursday – How To Watch

Sacramento, California lightweight Cain Sandoval is in action, tomorrow, in Costa Mesa, California, as the amateur fighter with over 100 fights, will face Lucnor Diserne in his professional debut, Thursday night on Roy Englebrecht Promotions. The bout will be available on pay-per-view for $9.99 here.

Sandoval, who spent his amateur career with Sac’s Finest Boxing, has moved to Marcus Caballero for his professional career, Caballero has undefeated lightweight Pedro Moreno, who at one time was signed to Thompson Boxing, as well as trained Alberto Torres as well.

“It is a dream to turn pro,” said Sandoval after the final workout of his camp. “I have fought the best in the country, and now it is time for me to follow my dreams to the pros. I was too young to fight at the Olympic Trials in 2019, I missed it by one year, so I was not going to wait around for the next Olympics, and my dream had always been to be a world champion.

Sandoval is a known fast starter in the ring and is the first of the next year of boxers coming out of Northern California that has people excited about his future as a professional.

“I want to inspire people from Sacramento,” said Sandoval. “We have a lot bad stuff occurring in Sacramento, and no shade to anyone who that is what they are doing to make a living, but I am trying to show people you can take other paths, as being from Sacramento, people see you as you’re either going to be dead soon, in prison, or in the process of one of those two. I am trying to re-write the story so people can follow in my footsteps.”

For those unaware, Sacramento saw a 26% increase in murders last year, which often foreshadows underlying issues in underfunded areas, such as drug abuse, and human trafficking. Sacramento has gained national exposure via the music of recording artists CML Lavish D and Mozzy, who are depicting the harsh realities of Sacramento, from rival gang points of view, as Sacramento is becoming one of the roughest environments to be raised in America.

Sandoval wants to show young people from the environment he comes from you can make it out by simply following your dream. Sandoval’s dream is to be a world champion boxer.

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Lukie Ketelle

Lukie Ketelle