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Team USA

Obed Bartee-El defeats Carl Hield, BAH

Obed Bartee-El is one of the most pro-ready fighters in the nation, and now getting international experience will only grow his confidence as he made his introduction on the world stage. Bartee-El has a great use of distance, and makes his punches count that can be most seen by giving his opponent a standing-eight in round two of their fight. Bartee-El made good adjustments in this bout, and made a statement. Next up for Bartee-El is Francesco Faraoni of Italy. I think Bartee-El could win his bracket if he makes the same type of adjustments he did today.

Why I explain Bartee-El is a pro-style fighter is based around he looks for meaningful punches in his fights, but isn’t overly active. This is a trait that high-level amateur boxing doesn’t reward.

Vsevolod Shumkov, RBF defeats Jonathan Mansour, USA

Mansour showed himself as well equipped and competent fighter, who has one flaw that he pulls back a tad bit much and relies upon hand speed. After dropping the first round on three of the five judges cards, Mansour bit down and battled back. The last round was close as the 5x-national champion Shumkov outlasted Mansour, as Mansour will be the first American eliminated from this tournament.

Other notables


Gankhuyagiin Gan-Erdene, MGL – My favorite fighter I have seen in the lower weights thus far, all-action and scoring knockdowns as well. High volume, and a fan-friendly. I am excited to see what happens with him moving forward. His next bout will be against Christopher Goman of Germany.

Yauheni Karmilchyk, BLR – The only minimum weight fighter to get a stoppage on the opening day. One could point to the opponent being inexperienced, but this is not very common in the lower weights is very notable. Karmilchyk will next face Martin Manyara of Kenya, and could inevitably fight Gan-Erdene in what would be a great quarter-finals bout.


Hayato Tsutsumi, JPN – He beat the man of the division, Lázaro Álvarez of Cuba. Tsutsumi is talented, but more so has dog in him, and forced a fight out Alvarez not allowing Alvarez to set the pace, and fight at a pace he preferred. This was very impressive. His next bout will be against Karcis Theocharis of Greece, who is another pressure fighter, which could be one of the best fights of the tournament. Tsutsumi has an interesting ceiling and potential.

Sofiane Oumiha, FRA – As experienced as they come and a master of the amateur style. Sure, Keyshawn Davis stopped him in the Olympics, but I would be shocked if he is not in the mix for the quarterfinals. His next bout will be against Viliam Tankó. Oumiha is an amateur boxing legend.

Light Middleweight

Aslanbek Shymbergenov, KAZ – A smart and tactical fighter, who throws a nasty right hand that comes at a weird angle over the top. In the next round, we will see Shymbergenov take on one of the favorites of the bracket Shakhram Giyasov. That’ll be a good fight, it’ll also show a bit about his potential.

Yurii Zakharieiev, UKR – Facing an opponent who was outgunned Zakharieiev looked like a million bucks at times. This new era of Ukrainian fighters seem to be very offensive, and can get a bit ahead of themselves. In the next round, he will face Mohammed Akbar of England.


Herich Ruiz, CUB – Ruiz is fundamentally sound, and more of a come forward fighter as opposed to a back-foot boxer as most Cubans are. Ruiz is looking to be the class of the division, early and barring something odd, should be the favorite at Paris 2024 Olympic Games. Ruiz feels like he could truly be a special talent if he ever decided to turn pro. His next bout is against Odai Al-Hindawi. This division feels like a two-horse race.

Loren Alfonso, AZE – This division comes down to Alfonso and Ruiz, who are the two best in the division. Alfonso, a Cuban, defected to Azerbaijan, to better his families life. He moves a lot, and has a good style to win amateur fights. I would be shocked if he didn’t fight Ruiz in the finals.

Victor Schelstraete, BEL – An impressive KO of Shokhjakhon Abdullaev of Uzbekistan was a statement knocking out his foe. Both fighters are rather reckless, but could be good TV professional boxers, but in order to be elite, defense will needed be refined by both. Schelstraete will face Damir Plantić in the next round.

Paul Arădoaie, ROM vs. Ali Jamali, IRI – In one of the best, if not, the best fight of the tournament, these two traded punches and had a modern classic. Jamal was stopped in the third round, but to my perception it was a tad bit early, that being said Jamali is an exciting pressure fighter, and Aradoaie is tough fighter who has many different aspects to his game. Aradoaie will have a tough next bout

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