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Richard Torrez Jr., The Most Interesting Modern Heavyweight

An Olympic silver medalist at the super heavyweight division is something like a mythic cryptid as on a media call, he was en route to college for a tap-dancing class, as he is taking a full course load that includes philosophy, business, and a few other classes.

“I was thinking about this prior to this call,” said Torrez about his love of boxing. “Boxing allowed me to see the world, and the world to see me.”

Torrez is an entertainer, smart, funny, the son of a famed boxer in his own, his father Richard Torrez Sr., who works in admin at the Tulare Joint Union Hisg School. Torrez entered to classical music at the Olympics when most people his age probably hate that kind of music. Torrez always seemed to be the leader of the group, he was in, and when he fought – Torrez seemingly knocked everyone out.

Torrez is the American heavyweight we have been waiting on with one glaring issue. Torrez isn’t a massive man. At six-foot, two-inches, Torrez is far from the power forward-esque heavyweight in the modern era, but the power-punching southpaw, who will have his father in his corner like a pro, is now excited for what the future holds.

Going on one fight before Fresno, Ca’s crown jewel, Jose Ramirez this is Torrez’s chance to get some of that spotlight to fans of Ramirez, and hopefully transition into the next massive ticket seller in Fresno, California. Torrez is the most exciting American heavyweight prospect since Tommy Morrison, and to be honest, Torrez fights like a better version of Tommy Morrison as well. The only question is – can he stand up to the biggest guys in the division.

Infamously, Torrez was knocked out by Bakhodir Jalolov. The KO would lead to a medical suspension that saw another fighter who is on this undercard, Antonio Mireles, who now trains with Robert Garcia win the Olympic Trials in 2019. Torrez would beat Jeremiah Milton in a box-off in February of 2020, and Torrez would win his spot on the USA Olympic boxing team, setting the stage for the Olympic gold medal match we all wanted between Jalolov and himself. Torrez did very well, as he won the first round, but an unfair knockdown call, seemingly hurt his chances at winning gold.

With an industry-leading promoter in Top Rank Inc., Torrez at his very least should be great, because he is an interesting person that can fight. Think about this, we don’t have that many interesting boxers, to begin with – and now add to the fact Torrez is a heavyweight. The only question will be the size, but even then, Torrez is someone I don’t want to bet against.

You can watch Torrez’s pro debut, Friday, March, 4th, 2022, on ESPN+, live at the SaveMart Center in Fresno, California.

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Lukie Ketelle

Lukie Ketelle