30 Mar 2022

Naoya Inoue – The Modern Salvador Sanchez.

Salvador Sanchez is a fighter of folklore, not unlike Ritchie Valens, who tragically died premature after his hit “La Bamba”, Sanchez defeated Wilfredo Gomez, Azumah Nelson, Danny Lopez, amongst others before people understood how good those fighters were, and at only 24-years-old, was taken from us. When mentioning Sanchez the

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30 Mar 2022

The Ten Best Mexico Versus Puerto Rico Boxing Matches Of All-Time

In a rather slow week of boxing let’s revisit the storied history of Mexico vs. Puerto Rico in boxing as we look at some of the best fights to ever happen. 01) Oscar De La Hoya vs Felix Trinidad Some might question Oscar De La Hoya as a Mexican, as

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