Meet Mourad Aliev, The French Heavyweight Out For Revenge.

We heard the news that Olympic super heavyweight and professional heavyweight boxer Mourad Aliev has signed with Probellum, more than likely the biggest investor in boxing in 2022, and now the owner of one of the coolest nicknames in boxing “The White Wolf”, as with two pro fights already, one win via knockout.

So why should the average fight fan take interest in Aliev, who was born in Moscow, Russia, moved to France at an early age, and looked to be the next great French heavyweight after 2016 Olympic gold medalist, Tony Yoka.

Continuing the French vs. British feud of boxing in the super heavyweight division, that has now occurred in two straight Olympic Games, Aliev was unfairly disqualified against the lovable and likable Frazer Clarke of Team GB. Aliev protested by sitting on the ring, but nothing came of it. Natural we would think this is going to be a great fight in the future in the pros….

Yet, a natural rivalry between Yoka and Joe Joyce, the man Yoka beat to win gold at the 2016 Olympics in the super heavyweight division, saw nothing. They haven’t fought yet, neither have gotten their chance against the big boys of the division, as it appears they will have to wait for people to leave the division, like Tyson Fury, Deontay Wilder, etc, which seems a year-or-two away before getting chances at glory.

France is going to have a world champion at heavyweight as they have put a lot of time, money and resources into this division to build up some good fighters from the ground up, and to me, Aliev looks the most promising. The new question is…what is the path Aliev will be on?

Yoka, not unlike Joshua Buatsi, has taken a very slow road to the top of the division, and honestly – if Aliev is moved quickly, he might catch up to Yoka despite a six-year headstart.

When you look at pros coming into any sport, you want to find guys who have a chip on their shoulder, who feel wronged, and Aliev is that. With promotional capital behind in Probellum, Aliev will get fight dates, now we just have to see how he develops as a pro, because he is big, strong, mean, and nasty – all of which could lead to a great heavyweight.

Aliev is already a six-round fighter, and if the 26-year-old gets active, to see him end the year as a bonafide 8-round fighter would be a big deal as 2023 could see him in the position to get top billing.

I am interested in the Aliev journey, as I think he could not just be a world champion, but at some point one of the five best heavyweights in the world in the next decade.

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Lukie Ketelle

Lukie Ketelle