The Ten Good Guys Of Boxing | The Nicest Boxers In The Sport

Boxing is often looked at a sport in which it is a sport filled with bloodlust and personalities that don’t behave like professionals sadly get rewarded at times as bad behavior can create high engagement on social media. In a world, in which so much negativity gets rewarded, we thought we would take time today to praise the fighters who are the good guys of the sport, and positive influences on the sport itself.

I hope these fighters can get marquee bouts with marquee paychecks attached to them, as they are a beacon of light for the positive elements of boxing.

01. Chocolatito Gonzalez

Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez is a model citizen, let alone the golden standard of how a boxer can be a true sportsman. Not unlike his mentor, Alexis Arguello, Gonzalez is all business in the ring, and all compassion when he leaves the ring. The flyweight world champion has been the best fighter in his era, but never once demeaned, belittled, or showed no empathy to those who he faced in the ring once the fight is over. Gonzalez is not just great with how he fights, but also in how he acts and treats others. Even more, Gonzalez dealt with mockery based on people belittling the lower weights, and his height, and never fought back with his mouth just great performances in the ring. A legend in and out of the ring, and a true pioneer who deserves to be mentioned with “Finito” Lopez and Michael Carbajal.

02. Robert Guerrero

Guerrero might have been one of the most successful fighters from Northern California, but the way he treated people never changed. A humble person, who never lost perspective on being the person who is. No matter what was thrown at Guerrero, he was an honorable guy, from the way he did business to the way he treated the media. Guerrero was a fan favorite because he always made time, and that is rare for an elite, world-class athlete.

03. Xander Zayas

The most likable young fighter in the sport of boxing, because not just do you see a child-like joy with him, when he enters the ring – he says the right things and means what he says. In a world in which bad influences are just a phone swipe away, Zayas is an old school fighter, who at a young age has taken on the role of a role model, a mature stance many never are capable of doing in their 30’s let alone before he turns 21-years-old.

04. Daniel Roman

Roman sacrificed a lot of his life for his boxing dream. Despite a loss or two early in his career, he was not rattled, and now he is fighting Stephen Fulton once again for a world title as the former unified 122 lbs champion is not just a champion inside the ring, but outside. Roman is one of the rare interviews in the sport, few if any video packages have been made about him, as his actions are inside the ring mostly. Easy to overlook, but you shouldn’t because he is a model boxer in every aspect.

05. Oscar Valdez

As sincere a boxer as I have ever met. Valdez means what he says, but doesn’t dumb things down or put emotion into his words to say it. Valdez might get knocked by fans on his historical greatness because he doesn’t behave like a moron, something sadly I think gets rewarded in this day and age. Valdez is a from the cloth of treating the sport with respect and dignity. Valdez’s speech after beating Miguel Berchelt sums him up as he spoke to young people telling them to chase their dreams and reach for things people tell them are impossible. Valdez sounded more like an influential school teacher than a boxer – and that is pretty cool.

06. The Moloney Brothers

If you didn’t know Andrew and Jason Moloney were boxers you’d assume they were Fortune 500 company executives, because of their amazing people skills. You won’t meet two fighters as geninue and kind in nature, which shows you don’t have to behave like a tough 24-hours out of the day to be a true tough guy. The more you interact with the Moloney brothers, the harder it is to not become a fan. Great ambassadors of the sport of boxing on an international stage.

07. Regis Prograis

A true fan of the sport, who is willing to interact with any-and-all fans, those who love what he does. Prograis is one of the best fighters at 140 lbs., but he is also one of the most well-adjusted people in the sport, as his success and great career have not made him lose sight of the man he is. At each and every fight, Prograis attends the theme of people talking to him being the same “Regis is a cool guy, and down to earth.” I guess, we are so used to fighters and celebs having massive egos a guy with the thunderous power of Regis Prograis offers a concussive shock to those who meet him, when they find out he will be who is around anyone, at any time – in a good way.

08. Sebastian Fundora

“The Tower Inferno” Fundora was raised with a family of fighters as his sister also boxes and his father is his coach. So it is no wonder whenever he fights or has media obligations you are looking at someone who brings a strong family dynamic with him, as well as a lot of pure joy similar to Xander Zayas.

09. Frazer Clarke

The most lovable U.K. fighter in some time, Frazer Clarke, is the common man living a boxing dream as he competed for years for an Olympic spot and won a bronze medal at the 2020 games. Clarke lives his emotions in real-time, not sugarcoating them and it is so refreshing to see a vulnerable human public figure, especially in the heavyweight division – a division full of alpha males often shamed for offering any form of self-reflecting. Clarke is someone I am eager to watch moving forward.

10. Jesus Ramos Jr.

The 154 lbs Jesus Ramos Jr. is a fighter I have been high on, in fact, he was my 2021 Prospect of the Year. Ramos Jr. is a business-minded fighter who has a great YouTube channel, but beyond that is very interactive with his fans both in-person and online. Ramos Jr., the nephew of Abel Ramos, a pro fighter, has grown up in the fight game, trains hard, but also knows how to be a positive influence on the sport itself. Your reputation is something you need to guard with your life and feel like this is something Ramos Jr. does better than anyone.

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