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Quinton Randall Thankful To Get A Form Of WBC Title

“I am on a fast journey because I am 31-years-old I have to be moved quickly and I am fine with that since I have the experience. I am grateful for being able to win this title since it beats asking, begging, and demanding for these fights fighters in my division won’t give me a chance, but it isn’t the one I want,” said Randall holding his newly minted WBC US silver welterweight title after defeating Alfonso Olvera on April 30th in Texas. “I am grateful for the belt, but it doesn’t mean anything, because it isn’t what I dreamed of getting the big one. The big WBC title is held by Errol Spence Jr., and he is going to be at 154 lbs by the time I get to the top of the division, so who knows who will be there by the time I get there. I am happy to have something, but my goal is to be a world champion, so I can’t just be happy with this.”

Randall seemingly was born under a dark cloud, at least from a boxing fan’s perspective. Despite being the captain of an international USA Boxing team, Randall was well into his adult life before turning pro, as incarceration occurred in his early life, a cycle within his family that he is happy to break, and losing his son to a traffic accident at eight-years-old. Randall is not just a symbol of change, but also a symbol of hope to the Houston, Texas community he is from.

“It was big that the first title we fought for was the WBC title because we have seen how they have given some of the guys we support, Regis Prograis and O’Shaquie Foster, the WBC has done right by them and really helped give them a chance to fight for their belts on world-class stages,” said Derek Collinsworth, Randall’s coach. “We also are big fans of the humanitarian aspect of the WBC and think that the WBC Cares and Jill Diamond’s work, in particular, is a massive help to the sport of boxing, and to be associated with a sanctioning body that honors fighters outside of the ring, as well tries to make the world a better place – well that is something we want to be a part of.”

The belt Randall holds was held by Jaron “Boots” Ennis in 2018 and has been in circulation since 2012. The belt is viewed as a gateway for a world title shot, and to elevate fighters who are going to the world level into title contention or higher profile fights.

“Boxing has given me a path to live, through all my major downfalls, boxing is the only thing to keep me sane, without I can truly I would’ve died when my son died, if it wasn’t for boxing I wouldn’t be alive,” said Randall. “I got to keep it 55-strong

Randall coined the phrase 55-strong as an expression of keeping it solid to one’s self and holding yourself to a high standard and commitment. A form of mental discipline, that was probably indoctrinated in him once he fell in love with the sport of boxing. Boxing is Randall’s religion, his purpose for being, and his life – so the saying 55-strong, which he said often in the interview seems to be his way of explaining his passion very quickly, and promptly.

The past few months have been a mess prior to the title win for Randall, who saw a fight fall through in Detroit against an undefeated fighter. As Randell and his opponent were unclear on the contracted weight as Randall thought it was a 150 lbs catchweight agreement and came in a pound over the limit, whereas his opponent Julian Smith came in below the welterweight limit causing a massive gap in weights, leading to the bout being canceled. Randall would go to Mexico in his next bout and fight for the title he just won but saw the bout called off in the second round due to an accidental headbutt stopping the bout as his fight with Ivan Alvarez was ruled a technical draw. Most would’ve quit, but Randall never lost focus, and now has repped some benefits.

“The bout was contracted for 151 lbs. when I was supposed to fight in Detroit. We lost our luggage, we had no hot water in the hotel, that more I lost weight at a local gym, and was going to come in a pound overweight. At this level, no fights get canceled, because of one pound, but my opponent came in at 144 lbs, and his team said I was too big. So I lost that fight. After that, the next fight was in Mexico on the Roy Jones Jr card on UFC Fight Pass. The first round was easy, and I knew I would stop him, but he came out reckless in the second round and that’s when the cut happened. This past fight I was supposed to be defending my title in Texas, but the way it worked out I won the title there instead.”

Randall has a good chance of returning in July with a hinted date of July 14th, which would be the first defense of his regional title.

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Lukie Ketelle