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Meet Chadda Cornelio Phipps, The Boxer With An Impressive Amateur Career

Chadda, a/k/a Cornelio Phipps, might be easy to overlook. He is a professional winner, but not always a show-stealer. Undefeated in American tournaments since 2018, with over a hundred amateur fights, and double-digit national title wins, Phipps has the pedigree for greatness. Now is the time we show a bit of appreciation for his rather silent, from the media standpoint journey towards future glory.

Behind him like all great fighters seemingly is his father, Dwayne Phipps, training him out of the Straight 2-3 Boxing Club. Not a fancy gym, not a famous gym (yet), but an effective one, as “Chadda” sets his goals, to be the best in the sport.

Amateur boxing is two things, a sport in which people will have a lot to say about everything once they trust you, mostly negative about other fighters, with the common trope being “x coach doesn’t know what he is doing”, and two very political.

Add to his region, Philly, which one of great historical significances in boxing is akin to Northern California in the way it does not uplift the fighters in its own city. Whether it is gyms or rival promoters, Philly is as divided as any city when it comes down to it, making a fighter like Chadda have to walk his own road.

Phipps is universally respected by all, meaning he is the goods. It also means he hasn’t achieved quite enough for people to be jealous of his accomplishments, as well. He is probably the biggest what-if in amateur boxing as people are waiting to see how he does when he goes to elite, which is still a bit off in the distance.

His father, Dwayne Phipps trained with Delaware legend Dave Tiberi, which instilled his practices as a coach, and his son, took to the sport, as though it was second nature. On many occasions in interviews, Dwayne Phipps talks about how natural it was for him, and how he picked up things much faster than the others in his age group.

His second weapon, is world-class cardio, so much so that he can outlast his opponent while through at high output. The intelligence of Chadda is one thing, but the fact that he can maintain the pace of a sprinter across three full rounds, makes him a formidable foe, as he is not the fighter to be outworked. It is one thing to be a talented fighter, it is another thing to not get tired, Chadda has both of those traits.

If you were to ask me who Chadda reminds me of, – it is simple, a young Timothy Bradley Jr. Someone who was always at the top of the sport in the amateurs, but never seemed to get love. It is up to Phipps to use all of this as motivation, as he heads towards the pros and/or Olympic Trials in the near future.

I just wanted to give him props on Monday morning.

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Lukie Ketelle

Lukie Ketelle