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2022 Northern California Fight Of The Year: Alan Sanchez vs. Saul Bustos

2022 Northern California Fight of the Year

2021 Winner: Mikey Garcia vs. Sandor Martin

Alan Sanchez vs. Saul Bustos

The proper fight of the year for the Northern California region. With a lot on the line, Sanchez and Bustos proceeded to beat each other up, as neither man left without some bruises, but it was the ring generalship and experience that proved to be a bit too much for Saul Bustos to overcome.

Sanchez boxed early, but the feared pressure fighter, Bustos, proceeded to have moments, those moments would come in the mid-rounds, but whenever he’d land a big punch or seemingly hurt Sanchez. It was Sanchez who would fire back with another punch, and halt Bustos in his tracks.

In a true 50-50, and a fight that Sanchez needed to win to get a big opportunity, he upset an undefeated fighter to win a form of a WBA title at Cache Creek Casino, in Brooks, Califronia, as the event signified the return of long-time Northern California promoter, Paco Damian, promoting his first show without his mentor Don Chargin, though he kept Don’s name on the show program.

Paco Presents Boxing is what gave me a start in the business, and to see this high level of a fight upon there return speaks to the type of fights Don Chargin and Paco Damian put on over the years.

Honorable Mentions

Hector Tanajara Jr. vs. Miguel Contreras – A great fire-fight that ended in a draw. The two fought as well as anyone and gave the Fresno fight fans, quite a fight to start the year. These are the type of fights the local markets are built upon, a good boxer versus a good puncher.

Kevin Montano vs. Kevin Perez (Brooks, Ca) – A brutal back-and-forth war in which Kevin Montano proved that he will be a fan-favorite with an action-orientated fighting style. The fight was a miniature version of the main event of Alan Sanchez vs. Saul Bustos, with potentially more punches thrown. A really good regional bout.

Mark Salgado vs. Luciano Ramos, (Sacramento, Ca) – So far, this is the only fight in the Northern California fight that was competitive and close. The fight saw Ramos get a close split-decision win over Salgado in a fight that I wouldn’t mind seeing as a six-round rematch, as the fight created a lot of debate over who could’ve won the fight.

Irving Xilohua vs. Rodolfo Molina (Stockton, Ca) – The first major test for Irving Xilohua was passed as he fought a tough undefeated fighter in Rodolfo Molina as the two had a couple of wild rounds. Xilohua is a fighter, whom many Northern California fight fans are excited about his potential and fights like this show why.

Julian Bridges vs. Allen Medina (Sacramento, Ca) – A brawl. The two punched each other for the minute or so it lasted. Medina threw out the window his 160 amateur fight pedigree in his pro debut and began to bang with a puncher Julian Bridges. The result a first-round upset KO, that saw Bridges win his pro debut in the opponent’s corner.

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