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Fred Jenkins “This is a one-sided fight and I believe it’s going to be all Bryant “By-By” Jennings.”

For the first time in almost 7 years, the dominant Wladimir Klitschko is coming back to defend his world titles in the United States. The last time we saw Wladimir here was in 2008 against Sultan Ibragimov, when he successfully won the WBO heavyweight title and retained his IBF and IBO titles. Since then Klitschko has had most of his fights in Germany, facing contenders such as Tony Thompson, Eddie Chambers, Hasim Rahman, Alexander Povetkin and an anticipated fight against David Haye.

Wladimir successful beat everyone that crossed his path recently, making it seem almost too easy. Now, 7 years later since his last U.S appearance, Wladimir is back and ready to defend in the same place he last was seen in, Madison Square Garden. His opponent, the Philadelphian Bryant Jennings who is hungry and eager to become world champion by doing what most have not been able to do. This is new ground for Jennings as he was a late starter in boxing, with only 19 fights under his belt, he is going to be facing the monster of the division. A stage he’s never seen before, in a fight of such magnitude, it can potentially play a major role. Wladimir has 66 total fights, his experience is going to play a huge factor in this, but Jennings doesn’t seem phased at all.

Klitschko has been here before, against the same caliber of opponent, one who is hungry, determined and eager, and he’s made such easy work of them. Is Jennings going to be any different? Most of the boxing media has already written Jennings off, but Wlad is showing class act and I giving Jennings his props, referring to him as Rocky Balboa.

“I see how Bryant Jennings acts. I see how he walks, I see how he shakes hands, I see how he speaks, and he has the qualities of Rocky Balboa from Philadelphia.”

Should Jennings dethrone Klitschko, you can say he’s a Rocky or even call him David for taking out Goliath, but can he do it is the question. Jennings is a good boxer but that’s about it, he’s good, not great in my opinion and to be beat Klitschko you have to be great, maybe even more, as almost no one gets past the insanely long jab he throws to keep you away. You still can’t count Jennings out as boxing is an unpredictable sport and anything can happen in the sweet science. I won’t rule Jennings out, but a little more experience under his belt would have greatly benefited him. Yet, Jennings has a great trainer in his corner in Fred Jenkins, who is just as confident as Jennings that this fight is all in their favor.

“I do know the pedigree of where Bryant Jennings comes from, he’s going to give it all he’s got.  This is a one-sided fight and I believe it’s going to be all Bryant “By-By” Jennings.”

Confidence is key, and that’s exactly what Jennings team has, but having too much confidence can easily make this into a nightmare for team Jennings. We’ve seen fighters walk into bouts extremely confident before, so confident that they’ve taken losses like never before and all because they were so sure of what they were doing. That is something Wladimir can catapult on, Jennings confidence, something I’m sure he will take in the early stages of the fight.

With almost 3 months to go, Jennings has a long time to get things right if he’s planning on dethroning the Goliath of the heavyweight division.

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Sergio Pesina

Sergio Pesina