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Giovanni Mioletti, the best unknown fighter hits ShoBox, Friday

Giovanni Mioletti of the Chicago area is the best unknown 130 lber, and potentially the best-unheralded fighter out there, which could change after this Friday at the Emerald Queen Casino in Tacoma, Washington, broadcast live on Showtime as part of ShoBox: The Next Generation.

Giovanni Mioletti might not be a household name, but at 130 lbs, the young fighter is putting forth one of the best resumes for a young fighter in the modern era without an Olympic pedigree. Not to mention, he is a southpaw, a defensive, counterpuncher, which will annoy fans of caveman boxing, but is proving a difficult task to beat and had solid, but not an astronomical amount of amateur fights around fifty to sixty.

Mioletti is currently signed to Brian Halquist, best known for Washington fight series, ‘Battle at the Boat’, with the matchmaker and former world-class boxer Andy Nance, matchmaking Mioletti’s career.

To put it in short, they have moved him well, and now if Mioletti performs on Friday, he can potentially see more and more televised fights based upon his performance in his TV debut.

Mioletti’s next test, Luis Porozo, an undefeated Ecuadorian boxer, who has faced serviceable competition.

The thing is counting Friday night’s bout, this will be Mioletti’s’ sixth undefeated fighter he has faced in seventeen bouts. That is a very uncommon feat in the modern era. The modern model of boxing is build a fighter up to a world title fight and find out if the fighter is good. Mioletti is quite simply good, how good we don’t know, but we know he belongs on the world-level of competition.

You could look and ask yourself about the competition and such Mioletti has faced, but by beating Ray Lampkin Jr., an Olympic alternate, that should be a serviceable enough win to simply say the guy is solid.

Mioletti is the archetype of an old-school boxer as according to Chicago Sun-Times article, Mioletti trains between four-to-five hours a day. His reason, he might get a phone call late at night and need to be ready. In short, Mioletti is a hungry fighter, one has an 0 and isn’t afraid to let it go either.

Mioletti is now making a run at the prospect of the year as he stopped both Antonio Escalante and Recky Dulay in Tacoma, Washington this year, both fights ended in a third-round knockout. At this rate, Mioletti might be able to fight roughly five times this year which would have close to twenty wins, and at the door of some form of a sanctioned title.

Giovanni Mioletti fights this Friday at the Emerald Queen Casino in Tacoma, Washington in the opening bout of ShoBox: The Next Generation, with the fights starting at roughly 7 PM PST.

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Lukie Ketelle

Lukie Ketelle