All-Time Great Floyd Mayweather Fights YouTuber Logan Paul on PPV, Sunday

Floyd Mayweather Jr’s resume is second to none, and his performance, can be quoted in the same realm.

A generational fighter, who ran through his competition in the 130 lbs division, dominating 135 lbs and then looking as good as he ever did in when he had a cup of coffee at 140 lbs, before becoming a PPV megastar at the welterweight division for over a decade.

Mayweather has transcend the sport of boxing. His defense is sublime, his persona one of a kind and iconic, and his work ethic is second to none.

Mayweather has spent 397 rounds in the ring winning all 50 of his bouts with 27 by way of knockout, equaling a 54 % KO ratio.

Mayweather, who has more money than he can count in one lifetime, steps into the ring at the age of 44-years-old, he takes on Logan Paul, a famed YouTuber, who has mastered the internet as well as anyone to date. Paul is in many ways the Floyd Mayweather of social media, though his in-ring abilities are not anywhere near Mayweather’s, Logan Paul, and his brother, Jake, have taken to the sport of boxing, and been very serious with their training which is more than some who have tried their hand at the sport.

As Mayweather will come out of retirement for an exhibition bout against Logan Paul, the fight feels not unlike the All-Star Game in other sports. It is entertainment first to watch a generational great fight, again, and not just pure sport.

The intrigue of the bout comes from a size difference as Mayweather’s contracted weight is no more than 160 lbs, and Paul can not come in any bigger than 190 lbs. The selling point is simply size. In terms of skills, the bout is a mismatch, so the PPV bout is for a few people 1) fans of Floyd Mayweather, 2) those who want to see if the size will be an issue, 3) those looking to see if age will play a role in the fight.

Paul is 6-foot,2-inches, and a much naturally bigger man, but a lot less skilled in terms of boxing ability, to say the least.

The intrigue comes from those far removed from the sport, who haven’t seen elite pros sparring fighters of all different sizes, as the skill and experience gap is very big and it is hard to fathom how Logan Paul could do anything effective, let alone survive.

I said a whole lot of words when really I should have just stated bluntly, we live in an era in which we are more interested in watching celebrities in the sport of boxing, than at the highest level the sport is currently at.

In the build-up to the fight, Mayweather and, Paul’s brother, Jake Paul tussled as Jake Paul grabbed Mayweather’s hat, as all hell broke loose.

The clip went viral, with the phrase “I got your hat,” being used all over the internet.

The bout is a reflection of the social media society we live in. Since outside of Canelo and Tyson Fury, modern boxers are not entertaining the fans the way Mayweather and Paul do, even in a bout that seems so clear in result on paper, seeing these personalities for an evening is far more entertaining than, investing time into boxers who are not entertaining fans on their weekend’s, or even more so, provide entertainment for fans outside of the ring.

In short, what the modern world has told us, is you can’t just be one thing in boxing anymore. You have to be the complete package, entertainer, elite boxer, and so much more, and Mayweather is. So, more people would rather see him fight. ‘Boxing has become, have I heard of these people fighting – okay! – I’ll watch’, rather than ‘who is fighting’?

If Triller taught us anything, it is we live in a 15-second attention span world, where substance is secondary, and reactions to moments that can be made into memes take the cake. Instagram has taken the place of the New York Times, and stupidity is embraced as now you don’t need any talent to be famous, you just need to be desirable.

So how can you watch this fight?

The event is live on pay-per-view or The pay-per-view will be put on by Fanmio and Showtime, Fanmio is a fan interaction fight, so consumers of the pay-per-view will be entered in various prizes such as signed gloves, and a video meet-and-greet with both fighters. The pay-per-view will cost 49.99, as well and feature a world title fight between WBA light heavyweight champion Jean Pascal versus Badou Jack, Jarrett Hurd vs. Luis Arias, and the professional debut of former NFL WR Chad Johnson.

The Verdict: The bout taking place on a Sunday is for hardcore Mayweather fans, and those who have enjoyed the Paul Brothers antics. The key thing about this fight is entertainment, as it is more so that, than sport, given the major skill difference in the main event, but the card will showcase a slew of talent from Mayweather Promotions stable, who hope to get exposure from this card.

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Lukie Ketelle

Lukie Ketelle