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2021 Prospect To Watch With Under Ten Fights: Amari Jones

Amari Jones has the chance to be a really special fighter with the potential of one day being a light heavyweight the junior middleweight who went  5-0 with 5 KOs in 2021, and now should find himself on television, often after defeating 5-1 Timothy Lee in his fifth, which also was a six-rounder.

Jones is an entertainer, who is signed to Devin Haney Promotions, who is putting forth, dynamic knockout performances and getting tons of experience in the gym with Devin Haney as well. Jones, who won USA Boxing nationals with very little experience outside of club shows to get his record, is showing the same amazing growth from his first fight to his most recent.

Jones isn’t looking for an easy road to the top, and is staying active, so that makes him, the fighter you should most be aware of heading into 2022, as he could be in a meaningful fight. It isn’t unrealistic to think Amari could be a solid eight-round fighter by next fall, which would put him into the position to advocate for a world title around the age of 21-or-22-years-old

Honorable Mention

Marc Castro – Castro is a special talent, a true Mexican pressure fighter, who has mastered social media as much as knocking out his opponents. The only thing holding him back from the top spot is his weight mishaps at the scale, as he has looked as good of a young fighter as any with highlight-reel KO after highlight-reel KO on his ledger. 

Michael Angeletti – The #1 seed at the Olympic Trials in 2019, has started his career strong, with four wins, three of which by way of knockout. Angeletti should be at the very least world-title contender. He is a great body puncher, and is hard to hit while putting a lot of pressure on opponents at the lower weights.

Atif Oberlton – A fun power puncher, who is being moved fast as he is 4-0, with 4 KOs. He reminds of being in a similar vein to Paul Williams, and Willie Nelson, and has already fought in an eight-round fight. Oberlton is a disruptor to the division, as I think he might upset or uproot a higher ranked fighter in 2022.

Jahi Tucker – Really good body puncher, which is rare for a young fighter, who charisma for days, and has the chance to go to the next level. Tucker is one of the younger stars of boxing to watch.

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Lukie Ketelle