Lukie’s Super Middleweight Boxing Rankings As Of Now.

With the super middleweight division back on full display, as we see super middleweight David Benavidez looks to become a three-time world champion as he faces former world champion David Lemieux, Saturday, May 21st, at 7 PM PST, at the Gila River Arena in Glendale, Arizona, live on Showtime, worldwide.

To the fight in a historical context, here is how we see the division currently.

01. Canelo

The greatest Mexican boxer I have ever seen and a cultural icon, Canelo Alvarez has crossed over in so many ways. Even after losing to Dmitry Bivol, a few weeks ago, Canelo is still the undisputed champion at 168 lbs after being the fighter of the year in 2021. Canelo is an all-time great and clearly the man to beat at 168 lbs.

Next Fight: TBA

02. David Benavidez

If ever a fighter passed the eye-test it is David Benavidez. Benavidez hits hard, and has the size of nearly a heavyweight. Add to the fact he is well-schooled in the pro-style, and has sparred nearly every legend in boxing. Benavidez feels like one of the future legends of boxing, and now just needs his chane to show it.

Next Fight: Saturday, May 21st, against David Lemieux on Showtime.

03. Demetrius Andrade

As good as any fighter in the division, with as historically weak a resume as any great fighter in the history of boxing. In the era in which a boxer needs to be an executive like Jay Z, a famous rapper and business icon, Andrade was bypassed by industry politics as his legacy, seemingly will always be about the fights he never got, rather than the talent he had. Still time, but it is a shame Andrade never got the big fights in his prime.

Next Fight: Recently had to pull out of a fight with Zach Parker due to a shoulder injury.

04. Caleb Plant

A former world champion, who gave Canelo Alvarez, an honest fight, and made a ton of dough. Plant is a solid boxer, who has a really good jab, and doesn’t get the respect he should for his win over Jose Uzcategui, he should. An entertainer, a showman, and someone who will always surprise people when he is in the big fight.

Next Fight: TBA.

05. David Morrell

The most aggressive Cuban boxer I have seen Joel Casamayor. All-action, and moving fast. In less than five fights, Morrell already has a form of a world title, and in a couple of years, Morrell could be the best guy in his division, depending on how the division shakes up. Morrell is really good and his stock is trending up. Morrell is also calling out everyone in the division.

Next Fight: June 4th, Minnesota Armory against Kalvin Henderson, on Showtime.

06. John Ryder

A tough guy, who wins on a motor and heart. Defeating Daniel Jacobs at the end of Jacobs’ career, will boast Ryder’s stock, as he is hoping to get a massive fight against Canelo Alvarez in the future, and probably will face Lerrone Richards at some point as well. A good, come-forward action fighter won’t wow you with skill, but isn’t a clubbing brute either. The elite guys beat him, and the guys just below that will have trouble with Ryder.

Next Fight: TBA

07. Anthony Dirrell

Anthony Dirrell is a solid former world champion, who slimmed down from light heavyweight to super middleweight for the final act of his career. Dirrell is not all that active, and had a key stoppage loss to David Benavidez seems to derail his chance for the top spot, but seems to be sticking around the division to see if he can land a major fight with Canelo. Dirrell is still formidable, but no longer the best version of himself.

Next Fight: TBA

08. Lerrone Richards

A domestic U.K. fighter, who got a major win over Carlos Gongora, which makes him an elite guy to me. Richards should pole vault into a fight against a major player in the division, depending on how the network politics work out as he is aligned with DAZN, and most of the belts seem to be on the PBC family of networks and programming. A solid European fighter who has a chance to have a notable career. Richards has only 3 KOs in his career, and in a big punching division that might beg a huge concern.

Next Fight: TBA

09. Evgeny Shvedenko

The dark horse of the division, a top-5 super middleweight, is looking for world-level opponents to get his ranking up and fight for world titles. With ties to the Bay Area, being coached by San Mateo’s Eddie Croft. Shvedenko is both a boxer and a power puncher, who will shock the world once he gets on the world stage. His next fight is for a title eliminator as well, so he should get a TV fight, very soon.

Next Fight: Title eliminator bout against William Scull, not sure of date just yet.

10. Carlos Gongora

Carlos Gongora is one of these extremely talented fighters, on any given night could play a spoiler to any world champion. A good boxer, who excels at tiring out his opponents by forcing them to work more than they want, and fighting in bursts late in the fight. Gongora is a true professional, a world-level fighter, who only an elite fighter can beat. His win over Ali Akhmedov shows how he can spoil any contenders chances at the top of the division.

Next Fight: TBA

Spoilers: Jesse Hart, Christian Mbilli, and Shane Mosley Jr.

Hart might not be in many fight fans’ conversations for being one of the best fighters, but yet, he is listed in our top-15, one of the few fighters we can say that the make our list in two divisions, and doesn’t have a major promoter. Hart is good, and has flaws, but is a guy who if he gets the right fight, and someone overlooks him, he will win. I think aging has matured Hart, who in his prime, might have overlooked things himself.

Next Fight: TBA

An unknown accomplished Olympian Mbilli is lying in wake to surprise quite a few in this division when he is given his chance at the top of the division. Mbilli has a good record and some good regional wins over Ronald Ellis, and such. It will be interesting to see how he fares against the televised marquee fighters because I feel he can defeat a slew of notable names right now.

Next Fight: TBA

In Shane Mosley Jr.’s first fight in some time at 168 lbs he beat Gabriel Rosado, which has opened the doors for him to get back into the title picture. Mosley Jr. has had a snake-bitten pro career, as it seems as the passion is there, but at times the performances are not. We’re hoping to see him go on a slew of wins, like he did on The Contender TV show, as Mosley Jr. has too much variance from performance to performance, in my opinion.

Next Fight: TBA

Prospects To Watch: Edgar Berlanga, and Diego Pacheco

A victim of his own success, too powerful for his developmental fights as he knocked out every opponent in one round, up until last year, now has to get his rounds in as a contender. Berlanga has a high ceiling, but he has to grow, the power is there, now we needed to see the development to go with his amazing God-given trait.

Next Fight: June 11th, at Madison Square Garden Theater on ESPN, against Roamer Alexis Angulo.

Diego Pacheco recently moved camps to Jose Benavidez Sr., and will be in camp with David Benavidez, a fighter in many ways he mirrors. Pacheco is Matchroom’s best chance to organically build a world champion in America, as their first wave of prospects is resembling Roc Nation Sports’ roster in the mid-2010s, as of right now, more so than a Top Rank. Pacheco is a tall super middleweight with good power, who not unlike Berlanga just needs to develop a bit.

Next Fight: June 10th, in Mexico City, on DAZN, opponent to be announced.

Next Fight: TBA

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