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Heavyweight Hopes: Lorenzo Medina Follows In Frank Gore’s Footsteps

Heavyweight hopes: Lorenzo Medina looks to continue professional education alongside NFL Legend

Lorenzo Medina looks to continue his progression in the pro ranks, as he returns to the ring alongside training camp partner, former NFL standout, Frank Gore. 

Gore, an NFL legend and future hall-of-famer has made a transition to professional boxing since hanging up his boots in the NFL, with Medina an instrumental part of his team. 

Medina discussed his time around Gore, “It’s been great to see how professional you have to be to become the best athlete you can be. Frank is so dedicated, and he’s teaching me a lot about professional sports. 

“We’re both from Miami, so I love being able to be around legendary athletes from the city I’m from and that I love. I’m very lucky to be learning from Frank. 

“Frank is serious about boxing. He’s not trying to be a novelty or a YouTuber, he wants to fight properly and I think everybody should respect the way he’s handling himself.”

The pair find themselves at the same event on December 3 in San Antonio, Tx, and Medina opened up about being on the same show as Gore. 

Medina stated, “I’m excited to be on the same card as Frank Gore and happy to be back in the ring. I want to thank my manager Ryan Rickey, my coaches Jeff and Kevin for getting me back in the ring, and to everybody who make things like this happen for me. 

“I want to put on a show, it’s a mini Miami takeover, and it’s the first of many. I’m a dedicated kid, I’m young, and I want to be the best. I have the right team around me, and I’m going to prove that I’m growing as a person and as a fighter on December 3.”

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Lukie Ketelle

Lukie Ketelle