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Laila Ali Feels Pity For Mayweather For Claiming To Be Better Than Her Dad


Laila Ali knows a thing or two about boxing. The undefeated women’s champion who last fought in 2007 took to CBS Sports’ “We Need To Talk” to comment on Floyd Mayweather stating he is better than her dad,  Muhammad Ali, a true legend of the sport for actions both in and outside of the ring. “…I see him as a little boy even though he’s a grown man. [Mayweather] is a broken person.” Ali commented.  Ali went on to comment about how Mayweather has money and power, but might be void of happiness due to the fact that no one is willing to offer guidance to Mayweather who essentially seems accountable to no one, but the state and federal government.


“…I don’t hate him, I dislike the way he acts. I dislike the way he treats people and obviously I am not down with this beating on women, that’s cowardly.” Ali said vocally. The comments that spawned this response stem from Mayweather stating he is the ‘the best boxer ever’ on a ESPN interview years ago, but recently were rehashed by Mike Tyson who took aim at Mayweather in an interview recently. Tyson called Mayweather “…a scared, little man” as he questioned his greatest of all-time status based off his personal life as he felt frustration that the greatest of all-time wouldn’t need security to drop off his kids at school.


This yet another incident leading into Mayweather’s biggest fight of his career where his moral compass is being questioned taking away from his skill in the ring. The big question will this prove motivation or be his downfall with all the distractions that have been thrown his way fight week.

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Lukie Ketelle

Lukie Ketelle