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Why Katsuma Akitsugi Should Be On Your Radar As A Boxing Prospect

Kasuma Akitsugi might not be on any major boxing writers list for the prospect of the year, but if you look at the undefeated pro fighters resume, it might be the most impressive of any fighter not currently aligned with a major promoter.

The eight-fight fighter has won every fight of his career, but more so, look at who has fought. Eros Correa, an Olympic fighter from 2012, and one of the best amateur boxers in the lower weights, Arnold Dinong, a solid fighter who trains with Bruno Escalante and Mike Bazzel, Diuhl Olguin, a game spoiler who holds wins over many opponents including one over David Navarro, this past Saturday, off-television, rather anonymously, he beat Philly prospect Rasheem Brown.

The only flaw in his performances from some fight fans perspective is that he might only have one knockout in his career, but keep in mind most of his bouts have been 50-50 fights against his equal, as he is proving himself quickly in the pros.

What makes Akitsugi tricky is he has a lot of volume, but unorthodox timing, and comes in shape as well. What makes Akitsugi impressive as well is that on tape he seems beatable, not unlike say a Joe Calzaghe. What you see on film is not what it is like being in the ring with Akitsugi, and now to me he has established himself as the most well-accomplished prizefighter in the country without a promoter. No other fight is actively seeking as difficult fights, early in their career as Akitsugi, and winning – this should be cheered.

The only fighter in recent memory that I can think of with a similar resume is Giovanni Cabrera, who matchmaker Andy Nance built up in the pacific northwest, and now is signed with Top Rank Inc.

With solid activity and promoter behind Akitsugi, he should emerge in the rankings, and the type of fights he is taking should also allow him to move faster than fellow prospects, as he is taking chances, and should get rewarded for these type of wins.

Akitsugi is worth keeping an eye on.

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Lukie Ketelle

Lukie Ketelle