03 Feb 2017


-Cincinnati, Ohio On Wednesday February 1st, Dohn High school in conjunction with the Oasis Elite Boxing Gym, held a youth forum to address the violence in the community. Oasis Elite Boxing Gym is owned by local four-division champion boxer Adrien Broner, and R&R promotions’ Andrew Williams. Broner’s boxing gym is

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21 Sep 2016


CINCINNATI – Wednesday Morning (9/21/16) Broner had to face the music regarding charges of aggravated robbery, robbery, and felonious assault.  The charges are stemming from an incident in January. Broner was accused of beating up, pulling a gun, then subsequently robbing a man after losing thousand of dollars worth of bets

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05 May 2016

Adrien Broner says he is voting for Donald Trump

Adrien Broner made a guest appearance on ‘The Breakfast Club” yesterday in which he explained why he is voting for Donald Trump. “Everything he is saying it sounds, crazy, but it is true” said the boxer. When asked if keeping Mexicans out was the answer, Broner did not acknowledge the

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12 Sep 2015

Ashley Theophane “Floyd says he wants me to fight Broner next.”

Being that he has been in the sport professionally since 2003, Ashley Theophane still sees his name being thrown around for big fights. Theophane has won his last 6 bouts with 3 significant names between the three. He is coming off a unanimous decision win against Steve Upsher. You might have

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27 Feb 2015

Molina vows to punish Broner “I plan to leave it all in the ring”

The year 2015 has already enlightened us with the possibilities of many great things, but one thing that is set in stone is the return of boxing on primetime TV. March 7th will be the first time in years that boxing will be making a tremendous comeback, airing on NBC

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